Stephen Ministry



        Stephen Ministers pride themselves on continuing education and lifelong learning. Just recently we discussed how to evaluate progress with our own
spirituality and if so, what those methods might be.

Well, of course there is no report card on our journey with and to the Lord.  But, that should not keep us from self-reflection. There once was a mayor of New York, Ed Koch by name, whose line was always “How am I doin?”  Ed was popular, because he genuinely sought feedback on his own journey with the citizens of the Big Apple.

Being human, it’s indisputable we must continue to challenge ourselves to become better.  That because this material world offers distractions galore, as if any evidence is needed in the age of cell phones.  While there are hundreds of definitions of “better”, we all have our own sense of the efforts we put forth for His kingdom.  But since there is no measuring stick, what is a good way to go about getting right with God and knowing it?

How about striving for some general goals:

Get along with everyone.   Sounds easy, but many of us are a world apart politically these days.  Do you have what it takes to make the effort?

Be optimistic. No one likes a downer but life’s struggles can often bring
anyone down.  Concentrate on lifting the spirits of everyone you meet, even that of the occasional grump!

Do the impossible.  Many things are impossible, or so they seem. Surprisingly, with sustained effort, right-thinking, and a few prayers in the right direction, you’d be surprised at the difficulties human determination can overcome.

Lifelong learning.  We are seen as Christ’s “disciples”. The translation of that word is learner. So to grow in Christ and life itself requires us to make an active effort to become more than we are.  Tackle new things with gusto!

Be humble.  Easy to say, but the human condition offers many personal traps. Seeking to gain advantage over others is not what Jesus preached. Try to see other peoples’ perspective as well as your own. You won’t be surprised at how much more warmly you will be received.

Say a little prayer for me and others. We don’t have to know that it is going on, but God does.  And he listens.

If, like Ed Koch, you wish to know about how you’re doing without a
spirituality meter, consider adjusting your own philosophy of life with a light twist of your own dial. You know where I’m going.  When you feel good about yourself, the answer you were looking for will be intuitive.