Stephen Ministry

         Are you lonely, feeling overwhelmed, going though changes or difficult times? Stephen Ministers are available to walk with you for as long as we are needed. In times of great need, Stephen Ministers can be partners through caring, supporting, encouraging, praying and being trustworthy. During difficult times, prayer can be a vital tool to the path of recovery. For the month of July, I have found a devotional that has helped guide me through difficult and unforeseen circumstances. I would like to share it with you.

Ephesians 6:5-8

Christians sometimes make the mistake of mentally separating their work life from their spiritual life. This mindset says, “Sunday is the Lord’s day, but the rest of the week belongs to me.” That is an unbiblical way to live. God’s Holy Spirit should be involved in everything we do, and we ought to recognize Him as our guide, comforter, and intercessor no matter where we are. Why would we want to exclude Him from something that takes up a large part of our week?

The apostle Paul clearly teaches that work is to be done as for the Lord (Col. 3:23). Other people may do a job better because of greater skill or experience, but believers should be known for doing quality work in a timely, wise, and respectful manner. And we can trust the Holy Spirit to equip us to do just that.

Serving the Lord on the job means that our workplace is also our ministry site. A job provides money to support the family, but when done faithfully, it becomes far more than simply a means to make a living. One’s work also develops character, builds a sense of self-worth, and develops skills. Moreover, while we are around coworkers for a number of hours each day, we have opportunity to build relationships, bear testimony, and glorify our heavenly Father.

Work shouldn’t be seen as drudgery; it is an opportunity to show love for the Lord. The reward for those who serve God and love others on the job is greater than a paycheck. They are blessed with a ministry—a harvest field for the kingdom, right inside the factory, office building, or construction site.

If you or someone you know would like to have a Stephen Minister walk alongside you in Christain companionship please contact Reverend Sarah, or our contact referral person Cheryl Smith at (303) 660-5568.