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CRFUMC Worship Experiences Info for 1.1.23

CRFUMC Worship Experiences for 1.1.23

Liturgical Week: Epiphany

Liturgical Color: White or Red

At First United Methodist Church Castle Rock we are touching people and changing lives through the love of Jesus Christ. Are you interested in becoming a part of the Castle Rock FUMC family? Please speak to Pastors to find out when you would like to join our Church Family.

Thank you for joining us in worship today.

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Covenant Renewal Service Jan. 1 2023

+=stand if you are able or comfortable


Welcome and Greeting

+HYMN: Joy To The World UMH 246


All: God of all creation, you have formed us as a people and claimed us for your own, reveal any stumbling blocks within us.

May we be reminded of the call from Jesus to be light and love for all creation. Let your Spirit breathe into us new life to be open to where you will lead us in the coming year. Today we come to acknowledge your influence and grace in our lives and to enter anew into a covenant with you. So be it.

Covenant Collect

Leader: Holy One, your love came down at Christmas to develop a true relationship with us. Help us be open to receiving you into our lives.

Thank you for your unconditional love for us. Amen.

+Hymn: Love Came Down at Christmas UMH 242

Mission Moment

Offering Prayer Written by David Bell

All: Affirming God, we allow the distractions of everyday life to burden our spirits. As a result, we often embrace a mindset of scarcity rather than abundance. Transform our ambiguity of thought to a solid belief in the promises of Jesus Christ. We give these generous gifts because you have given us your Spirit. Glory to God! Amen and amen!


+Doxology UMH 94

Hymn: Sing We Now of Christmas UMH 237

We Hear The Word Proclaimed


Leader: Eternal God, in the reading of the Scriptures,

may your word be heard;

In the meditations of our hearts, may your Word be known;

And in the faithfulness of our lives, may your Word be shown. Amen.


Deuteronomy 31:9-13, 1 Peter 1, John 15:1-8

Response to the Reading of Scripture