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Worship Info for 1/7/24

Worship Service Times

9 a.m. Modern Worship

10:45 a.m. Traditional Worship

In between Worship Services,

we will be taking down all the decorations from Advent/Christmas

Both Services are offered online through our Facebook and YouTube channels.

Go to ( ) and click on either the YouTube or Facebook option.

Don't forget that your name tags are appreciated.

Liturgical Sunday: Baptism of the Lord Sunday

Liturgical Color: Green

Sermon Title: And There Was Morning

Scripture Reading: Genesis 1:1-5, Mark 1:4-11

Preaching: Rev. Sarah Thornhill

Rev. Thornhill is a United Methodist Elder from Oklahoma who is currently working at Morrissey Goodale LLC in Littleton Colorado. We have known each other for many years and even worked on our MBA from Dakota Wesleyan University together. I am looking forward to hearing Sarah and the message she will bring to us. She is a very creative and charismatic person who will inspire you to share the love and light of God with the community and the world.

Scripture Readings

Monday: Isaiah 60:1-6

Tuesday Psalm 72

Wednesday: Ephesians 3:1-12

Thursday: Matthew 2:1-12


Quote & Prayer of the Week

This Epiphany, may you discern the star from distractions on your spiritual journey.


Oh God, I thank You for this Epiphany Sunday.  I pray that You will be my daily star guiding and directing me in all that I do.  May Your Spirit guide me in all truth and knowledge and reveal to me what is of You and what is not of You.  Father, I pray that You will teach me all things and help me to be more Christ-like in all that I do.  Amen.


Loving God we lift up to you…

In Our Prayers: Loving God we lift up to you…

The United Methodist Church

Mountain Sky Annual Conference

Our Pastors and Staff

Little Blessings Families

Conflict in the Middle East

Jan and Bud Richter

Maria Molieri (sister of Vince Molieri)

Hank Slawson, Father of Julie Venable

Rose Andrade

Diann Lawson, daughter of Lowell Burgener

Kathy Spackman neighbor of Julie and George Curran

Bill Eylens

Iliana Grutdrad friend of Pat and Kay Jones

Connie Williams mother in-law of Kari Sorah

Cynthia and Tom Johnson

Sid Jordan, brother-in-law to Julie Bailey

Leona and Garrett Mathes, sister and brother-in-law to Chuck Bailey

Bernadine Larkin

Hennetta Bashan

Family of Betty Grant

Family of Jody Butler

Family of Joe Docksey

Family of Jane Lanners long time friend of Brenda and Mike Ryan

Family of Greg Barnhart Brenda Ryan’s brother-inlaw

Family of Jason Lewis Nephew of Rose Andrade

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